How Codel works

Trust from end to end

Codel has developed a patented technology called Codelmarking which combines a digital fingerprinting process and reference registry. It is used to prove the source, integrity and provenance of data.

  • Proof of Source - the original owner and / or publisher of the data is clearly identifiable. This is critical from both an accountability perspective but also in order to help support intellectual property rights.
  • Proof of Integrity - provides the only means of certainty that data was altered either unintentionally as a result of data corruption or intentionally as a result of malign activity.
  • Proof of provenance - combined with authorship, precisely when data came in to being can also be a critical piece of information that can support assertions of content rights or even settle law suits.

Codelmarking creates an immutable audit trail to give certainty to any type of data. Content owners and publishers can manage the status of their Codelmarks (and therefore the data to which they relate). This means that even after data is widely disseminated, verifying parties can establish whether the data they possess is still valid, whether it has been revoked or withdrawn and whether there is something more recent that the originator would like to draw to their attention.