Financial Services

Make decisions based on verifiable FACTS.

Financial services rely on accurate information. Transactions need to be reliable and assets traceable. Know your customer and anti-money laundering regulations require exacting standards of identity checking and enrolment. Communications and access to accounts needs to be secure and controlled.  Codel has solutions for every aspect of banking and financial services;

Digital Notary - Immutable Audit Trail, with or without Blockchain

Notary Identity - Standardised, rules based identity enrolment for cross-verifiability

Document control – a web application for registering authorship, allowing verification of validity and status ‘beyond the enterprise’

Cdlxml –  A file format that works with the web application that binds data & metadata for document or data preservation, encryption and archival

Instant Actions – Platform service for information publication, sharing and data analysis

Asset Tracking – Physical marking with Codelmarked unique identifiers, tags and QR codes. Cross-linking virtual and physical transactions for full traceability, custody and security

Codel provides a core service for data immutability with a series of software applications for a wide range of service. These applications provide all the necessary tools for data managers to verify, manage and control external or internally generated data - both structured and unstructured.

Codel's latest 1View service provides a full universe of reference data with 23 million legal entities and 91 million instruments

In partnership with New Change FX - Codel can now provide an immutable fair FX rate in real time