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Codel and Equiniti present Instant Actions Phase 1 on 26th September at SIBOS 2019
‘Solving the Corporate Actions Data Challenge’

Efforts to automate Corporate Actions processing have continually been hampered due to issues with data accuracy and standardisation. During the past few months a community-driven initiative has resulted in the production of a Minimum Viable product (MVP) for a community led data exchange, where issuers publish their golden source corporate data directly to investors and custodians.

Instant Actions is a corporate actions announcement platform for issuers and agents to publish text and structured ISO formats for downstream STP.  All data is digitally notarised by Codel to make it verifiably source accurate. Codel also provides a method for making sure that relying parties are always using the correct up-to-date information.

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Codelmarking provides patented technology that combines a digital fingerprinting process and reference registry used to prove the source, integrity and provenance of data. Codelmarking creates an immutable audit trail to give certainty to any type of data and is used in financial services to provide data assurance for any type of financial data – both internally and externally held. Sources can manage the status of their Codelmarks so that even after data is published and widely disseminated, verifying parties can establish whether the data they possess is still valid, whether it has been revoked or withdrawn and whether there is something more recent that the originator would like to draw to their attention.

Codel’s immutable audit trail is achieved in a different way to Blockchain by creating hierarchies of digital fingerprints (known technically as hashes) and publishing snapshots of these hierarchies to widely distributed journals of record both physically printed, and electronic as a public record, (Codel has been publishing periodically in the Financial Times since 2006). Because the process provides a central point of reference, there is no confirmation latency (the time before a transaction on a distributed ledger can be confirmed) users do not have to keep a distributed ledger in sync, so it is extremely fast and highly scalable. This central point of reference is not vulnerable to attack either external or internal. Sophisticated architecture ensures that it is always available and uncorrupted.

Codel develops applications for its immutable audit trails such as ‘Consent Proof’ for proving Compliance with the Global Data Protection Regulations, ‘Instant Actions’ for companies to publish and disseminate their corporate actions, ‘Immutarate’ for snapshotting and determining the provenance of fast moving market data such as FX rates, ‘Codel Notary ID’ for capturing and Codelmarking company and individual identity data, and ‘One Life’ a unifying dashboard providing individuals a method to control their own data and provide a single point of interaction with data providers. Codelmarking can also be used for patient data protection, tissue sample identification, anti-counterfeiting, product marking and tracking.