Data Immutability


Data Certainty

Digital Notary


Restore Trust in Data

Codel makes data trustworthy, providing a new state-of the art technology to protect data and check authorship, validity, and the integrity (or immutability) of data in real time. For information security it has always been a requirement to verify the who, what, when, where and how across multiple sectors, most specifically financial services.

The exponential growth of AI is making it impossible to post or publish information that can be relied on without extensive research into the source– even if it hasn’t been touched by AI. It is the very pervasiveness of AI technology that causes this. How do we even know whether data that would usually be secure has not been tampered with? We can’t unless you have access to the algorithms and security processes used at the time of signature. Individuals and most enterprises are expected to trust technology that is opaque. Even secured data becomes unreliable.

In response to this burgeoning need, Codel has developed the most transparent system available for the protection and verification of data that cannot be hacked, is disruption free and scaled in the cloud. It does not require blockchain, distributed ledgers nor consensus mechanisms and uses a minimal amount of power.

How does Codel do this?

The company provides a system for digitally marking data and making it retrospectively verifiable. It does this using a hash chain, similar to blockchain but without the verification latency, scaled in the cloud as an open registry to which everyone can refer.