Sep 16, 2019

Codel and Equiniti present Instant Actions Phase 1 on 26th September at SIBOS 2019

‘Solving the Corporate Actions Data Challenge’

Efforts to automate Corporate Actions processing have continually been hampered due to issues with data accuracy and standardisation. During the past few months a community-driven initiative has resulted in the production of a Minimum Viable product (MVP) for a community led data exchange, where issuers publish their golden source corporate data directly to investors and custodians.

Instant Actions is a corporate actions announcement platform for issuers and agents to publish text and structured ISO formats for downstream STP.  All data is digitally notarised by Codel to make it verifiably source accurate. Codel also provides a method for making sure that relying parties are always using the correct up-to-date information.

Click to download our white paper.