Mar 10, 2015

Codel 'Dragonfly'

Following the success of the Dragonfly pilot and consultation phase, Codel commissions Instant Actions a new publication platform for companies to publish their information to the markets in both text and structured formats


Following the SWIFTannouncement that phase one of the Dragonfly project was successful and  its ethusiastic reception by key industry stakeholders, Codel has agreed to create a working version. Dragonfly will provide a web interface with automated service calls so that defined source data elements can be submitted to the Dragonfly repository which will also assign a unique corporate actions identifier (COAF) and provide cross-referencing between other proprietary unique  identifiers.   Data sets submitted to and stored within Dragonfly will be Codelmarked so that they can be verified and consumed automatically and, if verification fails, Dragonfly can be interrogated to distinguish between ‘good source’ data and other data that may be problematic.